Antecedent That Affecting the Organizational Retention of Technical and Engineer in Small and Medium Plastic Industry: A Case Study of Plastic Industrial in Pathum Thani

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Krit Thermtiptaveekul Krisada Chienwattanasook


This study aimed at studying the level of work motivation the relationship between work motivation, perceived organizational support and organizational retention of technicians and engineers. The samples were of 300 technicians and engineers working in the small and medium plastic industry, located in Pathumthani Province. The statistics used in data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The hypothesis testing hired Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient.

This study, find work motivation of technicians and engineers was related to the organizational retention. The study found that the overall health factor (r = 0.531) has a higher relationship with overall organizational retention factor (r = 0.480), in which the two factors were related in the same direction  and found that the overall perceived organizational support has a relationship with the organizational retention at a relatively high level in the same direction with statistical significance as of 0.01.


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