The Development of Instructional Manuals for Social Studies by Using Buddhist Teaching in the learning Management for Buddhist Junior High School Students

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Phra Rongroj Kawilawan Chetthapoom Wannapaisan Jarrunee Munikul


This research has 3 objectives: 1. To develop a learning management manual of secondary school students of Pali Sathit Suksa School 2. To study the effects of learning management of secondary school students of Pali Sathit Suksa School 3. To study students' opinions on learning management of secondary school students of Pali Sathit Suksa.

             The sample group is divided into 2 groups: 1) The experimental group is Mathayomsuksa 2/1 students, the second semester, the academic year 2561, the number of 25 people due to Phra Pariyatidhamma Pali Study Demonstration School using student assortment methods in class 2) The control group is 25 students of Mathayom 2/2, derived from simple random methods. Tools used with the experimental group include Learning unit on the principle of life development for 1 unit, learning management plan, Buddhist teaching manual using Buddhist teaching methods, number of plans for 18 hours, learning achievement test before and after learning, 40 items and questionnaires Opinions on the management of Buddhist subjects by using Buddhist teaching methods in 20 items

             Research results are as follows:

  1. The effectiveness of the learning unit found that the efficiency of the learning unit With efficiency E_1 / E_2 equal to 90.91 / 87.60 which is higher than the threshold set is 80/80

  2. The comparison of learning achievement between students by the Buddhist teaching manual Had higher learning achievement than the control group that studied With different learning achievement at statistical significance level of .01

  3. The results of the students' opinions It was found that the students in the experimental group had opinions towards learning by using the Buddhist teaching manual. The overall teaching method was at the agreed level (x ̅ equals 4.57)


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