Media Crisis in Thai Society: A Study and Development of Peace Journalism Model By Buddhist Peaceful Means A STUDY AND DEVELOPMENT OF PEACE JOURNALISM MODEL BY BUDDHIST PEACEFUL MEANS

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Sriladda Uthayaratana


This research aims to focus mainly on 3 following subjects: 1) to study and analyze the current news and the issue caused by journalists 2) to study principles,conceptual idea and theories behind Peace Journalism  by Buddhist Peaceful Means, and 3) to present a model of Peace Journalism by Buddhist Peaceful Means. They are done throughout qualitative research. The result from this research declares that:

1) The digital disruption has occurred to be a significant obstacle for present news reports, which directly caused capital movement, media landscape, reporters and media’s ethics. 2) Peace Journalism happens mainly from the awareness of benefits to humanity,not desiring violence nor promoting violence to solve conflict problems, which is in accordance with Buddhist peaceful means to live a happy way of life and peacefully live together  with others in different diversity; however, the journalists/reporters have not yet succeeded to convince readers/consumers to reach the goals of their lives,happiness and peace. To accomplish that, ‘kālāma Sutra’ and the ‘Four Noble Truths’ are the keys for successful working process, together with the Four Devine States of Mind (Brahmavihāra),The Four Great Efforts (Padhāna) and the Four Prejudices (Agati) to yield wisdom education and to improve both message senders  and receivers; moreover these can be the tools to let go the media crisis  through wisdom of giving knowledge and facts to society,for the example  of reporting the news of the Wild Boars Football Academy trapped in Thamluang Cave; and 3) The application of the essential Buddhist peaceful means to a process of reporting the news are called ‘WP-3F with M’ method consisting of the Mindfulness base of presenting Fact,the fact is presented in time and Fast,and causing Faith in the media themselves, which will bring wisdom of MIM characteristics of reporters in the era of convergence media, standing for Mindset, Inner-Peace and Multi-skill for sustainably  developing  peace


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