The Human Resource Development for Creating Environmental Behavior Modification of Green Hotel Employees in Thailand

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Pornpimon Sritharet Sangkae Punyasiri


This research aimed to study environmental management of large size green hotels in Thailand by using mixed methodology. Qualitative research, quantitative research, in-depth interview with 17 human resource managers, and questionnaire were used as a tool to observe environmental behavior of 619 green hotel employees.

The research results revealed that approaches used for the environmental behavior modification of green hotel employees included 1) environmental knowledge 2) environmental activity 3) environmental public relation 4) environmental material.  However, the level of behavior of the employees in preventing environmental pollution (Reject) was shown at a low level.  The research recommends that the human resource department should have policies in order to transform hotels employees to green including promoting the awareness behavior of the green hotel employees to reject plastic usage that can lead to pollution, providing environmental training courses for using alternative energy, organizing environmental activities, serving as mediator between the environmental issues and to public, and supplying environmental material for the hotel employees to enhance the positive environmental behavior.


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