Campaign Strategies of Candidates for Chief Executive of Mukdahan Provincial Administrative Organization Council A Case Study of the Election in 2013

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Thiraphat Loiwirat


The purposes of this research were 1) to study the political context affecting the campaign of candidates for chief executive of Mukdahan provincial administrative organization council in 2013. and 2) to study the campaign strategies of candidates for chief executive of Mukdahan provincial administration organization in 2013. The methodology of this study is qualitative research include in-depth interviews, observation, document analysis. Afterward, the triangulation was used to check and establish validity in this study. In the past, the political context that affecting the election of chief executive of the provincial administration organization was under the influential families in that province, the patronage system in Thai society, the support of the politicians from Democrat Party or People Power Party, the campaign strategies of victorious candidates for chief executive of the provincial administration organization that laying in marketing segmentation concepts.


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