The Elimination of Conflict based on the Buddha’s Admonitions

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Phrakrusutapathanodom Woramet


The article is of two objectives as (1) to study the conceptual idea of conflict based on Buddhism and (2) to propose a way to eliminate the conflict in accordance with the Admonitions of the Buddha.
The results revealed that the terms ‘conflict’ and ‘suffering’ cannot be separated because sufferings are caused by conflict and oppression. The conflict can be classified into two categories viz. (1) internal conflict and (2) external conflict or social conflict. Thus, the conflict can be considered and occurred as the nature of all beings. Regarding to the Buddhist method for eliminating the conflict in accordance with the Three Admonitions of the Buddha, it focuses on the four methods as follows: (1) not to do any evil, (2) to cultivate good, (3) to purify the mind and (4) to train in higher mentality. There are eight ways to eliminate external conflicts: (1) forbearing patience, (2) to restrain oneself, (3) non-persecution, (4) not insulting, (5) not harming, (6) to restraint the senses, (7) knowing moderation in food and (8) a secluded dwelling. There are twelve of peaceful ways of eliminating conflicts in accordance with the Admonitions of the Buddha which includes four ways for the internal and eight ways of the external. When conflicts are eliminated, peace will take place to people and society. And finally man will achieve the ultimate peace, Nibbana.



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