The Development of Organization Culture of Faculty of Liberal Arts Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi by LARUS’s Model

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Thanu Thodthankhun Sisikka Wannajan


This research has a purpose ; to develop the organization culture of Faculty of Liberal Arts, RUS. This research used qualitative research method by collecting the information from documentary study and field study. The research areas were selected by purposive sampling method comprised of the departments within the Faculty of Arts, RUS. selected by the data collection of Faculty of Liberal Arts, RUS. Populations and samples of the study included government officials, administrators, academic and support staffs, government employees, employees of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, RUS. which were 40 people in total. The research instruments comprised of the observation, interview, group discussion and workshop whereas the data validation was done with triangular validation techniques together with the qualitative analysis of the purpose of research and describe the results by descriptive analysis.
The research found that- The development of an organization culture of Faculty of Liberal Arts, RUS. through the synthesis of the guideline for the development of organizational culture into an approach of organization culture development as LARUS's Model. In addition, there is a determination of a support development plan of quality management of Faculty of Liberal Arts based on LARUS’s Model of organizational culture development obtained from this synthesis of data which shall cause the continuous development of Faculty of Liberal Arts to be more effective organization later on.



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