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The Journal of MCU Peace Studies published twice a year (1st issue January - February , 2nd issue March - April  , 3rd issue May - June,  4th issue July - August, 5th issue September - October, 6th issue  November-  December). It aims to promote research and disseminate academic and research articles for researchers, academicians, lecturers and graduate students.

The Journal focuses on Buddhism, Peace Studies, Sociology, Liberal Arts and Multidisciplinary of Humanities and Social Sciences. All submitted munuscripts must be  Reviewed by at least two experts via the double-blinded review system.  The articles are in both Thai and English. 

Views and opinions expressed in the articles published by The Journal of MCU Peace Studies, are of responsibility by such authors but not the editors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors.


Vol 7 No 2 (2019): (March - April)

Published: 2019-04-29

The Relation of the Cultural Tourism of Temple and Communities in Lanna

Phrachayanantamunee Na Nan, Worapat Kamphong, Phrakru chantajatiyanukit, Phrapalad Naroedon Chaiprasit, Orapin Inwong

Development of Change Leadership Training Course for Students in Higher Education Institutions

Arthittaya Ponathong, Chainarong Suvarnasara, Kanchana Pattrawiwat

Guidelines Developing Elderly's Quality of Life via Community Learning Center

Prayoon Imiwat, Numkwan Wongpatum, Kritsana Somkuan, Somkiet Tunkaew

An Approach for Promoting Kataññukatavedi in Thai Society

Suvannatha Loem, Phrapalad Somchai Damnoen Payago

An Analytical Study of Ariyavamsapatipadā in Buddhist Texts

Phramaha Wirat Ācãrasubho, Phramaha Khwanchai Kittimethi, Phramaha Somboon Vuddhikaro, Samiddhipol Netnimit

A Process of Communication for Building Peaceful Organizations By Buddhist Peaceful Means

Seefar Na Nakorn, Khanthong Wattanapradith, Banjob Bannaruji

Buddhist Ethics and Guidelines for Solving Problem of Surrogacy in Thai Society

Phramaha Khwanchai Hemprapai Kittimethi, Phramaha Nantakorn Piyabhani, Phramaha Pornchai Sirivaro, Penphan Fuangooloy
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