Vol 5 (2017)

Special 1 ปีที่ 5 ฉบับพิเศษ1 พฤษภาคม 2560

Table of Contents

Research Articles

The Way of Conceptual Idea of Citizen Engagement in Mobilizing the Project of Five-Precept Village for Peaceful Community : A Case Study of Bannonedum Community, Kampaengphet Province PDF
Phrakrusantiwachirakit Mahaweero 1-16
The Model of Carita Application to the Mediation of Mediators in the Court of Justice PDF
Pirapart Wiboonwatthanakit 17-29
The Way to apply Peace Dhamma for enchancing peace of the school youth : A Case study of Rajmontri School (Pleume – Chuamnugoon) PDF
Prasert Mukprim 30-41
Performance role of the Village Committee in Maung Nong Khai District, Nong Khai PDF
Rattiporn Sirisri, Sanya Kenaphoom 42-50
The Critical Study of The Concept of The Love and Marriage in Theravada Buddhist Philosophy PDF
Phramaha Khwanchai Kittimethi 51-65
The Role of Leaders in Developing Local Community : A Case Study of Chief Executive of Nasiaw Sub-district Administrative Organization PDF
Ketesuda Phoecanit, Keela Nooyod 66-76
Good people with gratitude base on Buddhist PDF
Busakorn Watthanabut, Phra Udomsittinayok, Phramaha Phanuwat Sankham 77-86
An Application of Buddhist Peaceful Means to Mediation: A Case Study of the Mediators of Mediation Center, Legal Execution Department PDF
Thamawit Navachainun 87-98
The Guidelines of Enhancing the Identity of a Peaceful Community for Sustainable Tourism by Buddhist Peaceful Means: A Case Study of Klong Mahasawat Community, Nakhon Pathom Province PDF
Wiboon Nimitrwanich 99-112
The Way to Manage Conflicts Arisen from Mana in Theravada Buddhism PDF
Tanada Wichakana 113-125
The Role of Teacher in Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism PDF
Phrakru Kowitsutaporn Somdee Kowito 126-139
A Comparative Study of the Teaching Explanation of Dhutanga on Visuddhimagga and Vimuttimagga PDF
Phra Natthakit Mahissaro 140-148
An Application of Metta in Theravada Buddhism to Conflict Management PDF
Waiyavuth Chitajitto 149-161
People’s Opinion on the Issue of Traffic Muang Nong Khai Municipality In Nong Khai PDF
Kasem Somsin, Saowalak Kosolkittiamporn 162-169
The Relationship Between Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment to the Welfare of the Employees of Glory Kan Co., Ltd. PDF
Supuassorn Ranguppai 170-181
The People’s Participation on the Development Plan Making of Bandue Municipality, Muang Nong khai, Nongkhai province PDF
Sunetiluk Yoktep, Yupaporn Yupas 182-191
Factors Affecting Debt Burden of Farmers Tha Bo District Nong Khai PDF
Sirinapha Phocapanit, Sanya Kenaphoom 192-201
Achara Pansang 202-215
The Way to Enhance Quality of Life for Attaining Peace According to the Noble Eightfold Path: A case Study of Camp Son Religious Development Center in Petchabun Province PDF
Wijit Junlaphan 216-226
A Comparative Study of The Pattern of Buddhist Mediation and JaoKotra system PDF
Pra Athipan Apipunno 227-238
An Analysis of the Usage of Songs for Enhancing Peace in Thai Society According to Buddhist Peaceful Means PDF
Ratthakornkarn Disathaamnarj, Poonsuk Masrungson, Kanthong Wattanapradith 239-249
An Analytical Study of a Peaceful Organization, Takeko Engineering (Thailand) Co, Ltd. According to Buddhist Peaceful Means PDF
Kanokporn Chantradilokrat 250-260
Operation of the Provincial Administration Nong Khai PDF
Surakrai Chaisalee, Pakdee Phosing 261-268
An Analytical Study The Roleand Function of The Four Great Kings In Theravada Buddhist Philosophy According to Phraratchaphromyan (Luang Pho Ru-Si Lingdam)’S View PDF
Phra Todsatep Tasadhammo, Phramaha Sakol Subharamethee 269-277
An Analytical Study of the Discourse Creating Harmonization According to the Well-spoken Speech of Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha PDF
Suphattana Boontham, Kanthong Wattanapradith, Phramaha Duangden Thitañano 278-291
Rice Culture : Inheritance of Local Wisdom in Beliefs and Ritesof Southern Isan Communities PDF
Phrapalad Anan Sonpanoa, Sattra loaunca, Boonchuey Panitkul 292-303
An Analytical Study of The Concept of Consciousness in Theravada Buddhist Philosophy PDF
Phraapichat Abhiñano 304-311
The Six Civilization of Social Coexistence PDF
Phrakhruwinaithorn Warawut Mahavaro 312-322
An Analysis of The Communicative Way for Peace of Dalailama,The 14th According to Buddhist Peaceful Mean PDF
Wilawan Sutthirak 323-335
The Application of Saddhã to Astrologers’ Forecast PDF
Jindamard Thinakorn 336-347
Innovation of Community Mental Health Nursing to create the Drug Free Society Accordance with Principles of Buddhism PDF
Niphaphatra Euphum 348-362
The Way to Enhance Peace-building According to the Five Precepts of the Students at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University,Nakhonsawan Campus PDF
Songkiet Mensuwan 363-376
An Analysis of Mahatama Gandhi’s Khanti in Peace Building PDF
Pornchai Sutthirak 377-386
Care for Elderly Dependents in the Northeast of Thailand PDF
Chavalit Sawatphol, Thavadchai Pengpinit, Akarageach Senanikorn, Waree Srisuraphol 387-405
Development of Organic Rice Marketing in Thai Social PDF
Pramote Yotkaew 406-420
Knowledge Management Model of Buddhist Archeology in Roi Et Province PDF
Phrakhruvapeechanthakhun Pankaew, Phra Adikan Sommai Addhasitdho, Phra Sangwien Dhirapanyo, Thaksina Krairach 421-429
Analysis to the Ideas of Peace of United Nation (UN) PDF
Phrakhruwinaithorn Ek Jinavamso, Phrapalad Pradisist Thitabho, Phrakhrudhamma Sathaporn Pabhassaro 430-442
A Way to the Application of Saraniyadhamma for Conflict Management between Port Authority of Thailand and Employees PDF
Somkiat Samleephan, Banjob Bannaruji, Kanthong Wattanapradith 443-456
A Study of Buddhadhamma Applying for in Solving the Problems of Consumerism of Youth in Ubonrachathani Province PDF
Nakhon Jantharach, Phramaha Khwanchai Kittimethi, Sipmongkol Pongpha, Penphan Fuangfooloy, NutsuKorn Tiewpetpuasakorn 457-468
The Application of Self-Learning Technique in Terms of Writing Articles to the Development of Learning Achievement in Kalasin Buddhist Academic College, Mahamakut Buddhist University PDF
Pradit Chatcharatkoon, PhraKhru sutheevarasanr, Pinayo Prommuang 469-477