Tourism Management and Public Relation Media Development for Home Stay Tourism KhaoKho District Phetchabun Province

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รักชนก สมศักดิ์ ปิยะนุช พรหมประเสริฐ


The research entitled “Tourism Management and Public Relation Media Development for Homestay Tourism KhaoKho District Phetchabun Province” had three main objectives which were to; 1) study the context of Home stay KhaoKho, Phetchabun 2) study the management and evaluation of tourism resources Home stay KhaoKho, Phetchabun 3) to develop public relations media for the home stay business in KhaoKho district, Phetchabun province. The research was carried out by ways of a qualitative study with in-depth interviews, document researches, and an observation. Then all the data were collected. The key informants in the research were 8 leaders and villagers  who join in homestay community enterprise.

The research found that the homestays were small home stay business with a small group of 5-7 households which passed the Thai Home stay Standard, the home stay tourism under the simplified POLC management, to achieved the set goals, which were planning, organizing, leadership, and controlling/monitoring. There was a standard control on homestay service, with hygiene and conveniences, as well as price controlling under the criterion. All of these led to the tourists’ trust and word-of-mouth persuasion to the new tourist groups.

The results of the development of public relations media relations was under an alternative paradigm since the communities self managed the business under restricted budgets by 1) developing brochures focusing on the main target groups who were the tourists who preferred way of life tourism, as well as students, state employees, and company employees; 2) outdoor media being located on the attractive location and 3) developing material media (products), to increase the community’s incomes, and 4) developing the social media (Facebook Page) as a two-way communicating channel with texts, sounds, and both still and motion pictures, allowing the wide target group to see and quickly response.


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รักชนก สมศักดิ์

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