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พระมงคลสุตาคม (สิทธิชัย ชาวเพชร)


Research Legal Measures for the Management of Forest Resources in Thailand, The research objectives were 1) to study legal measures in forest resources in Thailand, 2) to study legal measures, forest resources in foreign countries, 3) to study legal measures in forest resource management in Thailand. And 4) to be used to amend the law, the measures to enforce the law, the forest resources This thesis is a legal research. Qualitative Research by analyzing data from legal provisions, documents, books, descriptions of articles in other texts. associated To present the implementation of legal measures in forest resource management in Thailand.

The study found that. International forest law is an international agreement on specific matters that constitute a complete instrument, including international conventions. It is a convention caused by the natural crisis that arises from environmental change. The development of the concept and movement of the world forests caused by the exploitation of forest resources divided into three periods of effective forest management in foreign countries, found that people can participate in promoting and supporting the forest. Wood In Thailand The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand BE 2560 and the Law on Forest Resource Management contain 5 edicts each of which has defects. As a result, the Thai forestry sector is not successful.

The legal issues in managing forest resources in Thailand are the intent of the Act. The punishment for forest destruction in Thai law is aimed at preserving and restoring the forest for the longest. The solution should be to allow capitalists to receive forest concession compensation. Should punish offenders under the Forest Act. And other laws. Should seek a wilderness. To plant a new forest for the concessionaire.


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