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Objectives of this research were; 1. to study the current status of local
administrative structure of Chiang Mai province, study the factors affecting the
change of the organizational structure of the local administrative organization of
Chiang Mai into Chiang Mai metropolis structure and propose the administrative
model of local administrative organizations of Chiang Mai in the form of Chiang Mai

Research finding were as follows:
1) Local administrative organizations of Chiang Mai province was in line
with the provincial administrative organization act of be 2540 (1997). The
administrative structure, the role and authority between the provincial governor
and the president of the provincial administrative organizations were still
overlapped or dedundunced which caused the problems of unclear authority of
local administrative power. In Chiang Mai province, there are many government
agencies, both central and local administration. In order to avoid the redundancy of
the service and authority, there should be clear review of power and authority of
central and local administrative organizations in Chiang Mai province. There should
be more empowerment from central authority to local and provincial
administration. So that the local administrative organizations should have more
authority to render public service to people more effectively. The lower local
administrative organizations such as municipality should be under supervision of
central organizations, divided into provincial groups for close supervision and
personal relations at local levels.
2) Significant factors to change the structure of Chiang Mai administrative
structure to the metropolis. According to Chiang Mai people and academicians,

3) The administrative pattern of the local administrative organizations in
Chiang Mai province; the government must have a clear policy to decentralize by
the constitution and of the 20-year national strategic development plan and the
government should accelerate the transferring of central and regional business to
local administrative organization with additive budget so that the local
administrators will have power to solve any problems for local people. the local
administrative organization acts as coordinators of the strategic plan, ministry of
finance allocates budgets for local administrative organization with tax redeem of
the tax and support money from the government at 70% to 30% ratio. so that the
local administrative organizations would have enough budget. the provincial groups
of 5-8 provinces set up by ministry of interiors . the local administrative
organizations supervision from central organizations must carry out at the
appropriate level to keep balance of power. the relations between local
organizations is the duty of provincial organizations. the development plans,
projects and activities at lover local levels must be integrated with
Buddhadhamma of Patirupadesavaso Ja, being in the appropriate locations always
and every time.

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