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Objectives of this research were to: 1. study general context of state mass
media organization administration, 2. study components and Buddhist method used
for state mass media organization administration and 3. To propose a model for
state mass media organization administration for peace according to Buddhism.
Methodology was the qualitative method collecting data from document
and 28 key informants, purposefully selected to get full coverage data with
structured in-depth-interview script that passed the triangulation test: data, theories
and researcher. Data were also collected from participants in Focus Group
Research findings were as follows:
1. General context of state mass media organization administration was
that; 1) the state mass organization implemented the media policy promptly with
good attitude toward people, 2) communication for security with trustworthy data
and information 3) creative communication using fairly competitive channel and 4)

expediting media for audiences who stand for good and fair play with fast, accurate
news and being center for data and information.
2. Components and Buddhist method used by state mass media
organization administration was found that; 1) sender should dispatch only good
and useful information and news to the public, 2) message should be delivered
using correct words and principles of Thai language usage, 3) channel should give
data and information to public as the public relations, 4) receivers should place
one selves appropriately and regularly and peaceful society according to Buddhism
abides by Sanghahavattu 4: Dana, giving, Piyavacha, lovely speech, Attachariya,
beneficial deeds and Samanattata, neutrality.
3. A model for state mass media organization administration for peace
according to Buddhism was that; 1) implementation of mass media policy for
peaceful society according Buddhism induced peaceful society by giving knowledge
and information that can be checked and true, 2) communication for peaceful
society according Buddhism created peace in society by giving correct data and
information fast and neutrally, 3) creative communication according Buddhism,
senders must have knowledge of mass media and public relations and dispatch
data and information regularly and continuously to create peaceful society and
4) expediting media according to Buddhism yielded the communication knowledge
to create a harmonious and peaceful society.


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