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This study aimed at 1) collecting local legends of Sisaket 2) creating learning materials relating to Sisaket legends by using the following procedures 1) studying fundamental information 2) focus group meeting 3) setting up academic forum 4) arranging conferences to follow up the task 5) checking reliability of information by experts 6) adjusting according to recommendation 7) arranging the exhibition. The participants of the study included grade 4-6 teachers and students from 22 schools, 2 teachers and 10 students from each. Purposive sampling was used to select 279 participants. Instruments used were observation form, and questionnaire. Data analyzed statistically to find out percentage, mean, standard of deviation and content analysis.

            The results revealed that 1) participatory research between community and primary schools showed 22 legends 2) these 22 legends could trace back to living style, beliefs, tradition and culture of people in the past through ranked the highest level of agreement at 4.53, with standard of deviation 0.52. Ranked the second was the demonstration of changes in the past, with high level of agreement at 4.47 with the standard of deviation 0. 64. Primary sources received from the ancient evidence such as field note, reports from people attended the events ranked the lowest. The usefulness was that the results could be used to explain the truth in the past and became the cultural wisdom which should be preserved.


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