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Objectives of this research were to, 1) Study the state of government restructuring according to the government policy to drive the Thailand 4.0 strategy. 2) Study impact on Government Sector Restructuring in accordance with government policy to drive Thailand 4.0 strategy and 3) Propose restructuring government agencies, government policies to drive strategic Thailand 4.0. This study was a qualitative research by using a variety of storage methods.

Summarizing the findings in this research thus; 1) the readiness of the bureaucratic system as public administration must be readily available and result in the achievement of the state agency. 2) Regulatory and managing steps in the operation of the government should reduce the termination of the mission and dissolve unnecessary units. 3) Lack of Potential Personnel and professionalism were very important in the work of government agencies. So government officials and officials must have expertise. 4) The Corporate image and responsibilities of government officials should change culture, values and adapt to work to be accountable to the public. 5) The structure of the government at present was not flexible. Adherence to the framework of mandated by law. This was a constraint that restructuring organization and adjusting roles, to have clear responsibility to be able to driven strategy.


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