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The Objectives of this research was to development of management a model of good governance-based administration of schools under mahasarakham  municipality.  The  research was conducted in 5 steps : 1) defining The problem and conceptual frame work ; 2)  study of the current practice by a quantitative research ; 3) drafting a model from a qualitative  research ; 4) examined the model by a focus group discussion ; and 5) conclusion. The research  instruments included notes of focus group discussion and questionnaires with the IOC value  between 0.80 – 1.00 and the overall reliability value of .98 Frequency, percentage, mean and  standard deviation were used to analyze the data.   

              The research findings were as follows  :

  1. The current practice in the good governance – based administration  of  schools  under  Mahasarakham  City  Municipality.  was  on  the  whole  rated  high  ;  the  highest  was  general  administration,  followed  by  academic,  personnel  and  budget  administration.

  2. The  components  of  a  desirable  model  for  good  governance – based  administration  of  schools  under  Mahasarakham  City  Municipality  consisted  of  4  aspects  :  academic,  budget,  personnel  and  general  administration  ;  all  of  these  must  be  administered  by  the  6  principles  of  good  governance  :  law,  morality  transparency,  participation,  responsibility  and  cost - effectiveness.

          As  a result  this  research  it  is  noted  that  4  principles  were  most  often  cited  :  morality,  law,  transparency  and  responsibility.  These  4  principles  should  therefore  be  lifted  up  and  applied  by  giving  rewards  for  good  action  and  punishment  for  bad  action.  If  carried  out  in  good  momentum  such  measures  should  increase  the  effectiveness  of  school  administration. 


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วิมลพร สุสวรรณแสนทวี, มหาวิทยาลัยมหามกุฏราชวิทยาลัย วิทยาเขตร้อยเอ็ดตำบลดงลาน อำเภอเมือง จังหวัดร้อยเอ็ด

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