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The research of  “Municipal reform towards excellence under strategic Thailand 4.0”  has  three  purposes ;  first to study the problem and obstacles of Municipality from past to present;  second  to study factors that lead to municipality reform to excellence under Thailand 4.0 strategy ; and lastly  to study the guidelines for municipality reformation towards organization of excellence under Thailand 4.0 strategy.

This study is a qualitative research aiming to study the phenomenon under the policy of the government under National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) which seeks to reform the municipal as a governmental organization to become organization of excellent performance and abide by the Thailand 4.0 strategy. This research adonten various methods and means to collect data from the three main informants are documented and observed, which are summarized as follows:

Firstly, the municipal should have financial sustainability; it has been found that the major problem that municipality cannot provide effective public services is because of the budget problem of the municipality. All of these are caused by fiscal policy constraints, both in terms of revenue independence and budgetary constraints that are not consistent with the mission.

Secondly, the municipal must be able to respond to changes in local or municipal issues, which are major problems affecting quality public services. By the changes in the municipality include population change, environmental change and changes in the expansion of the city.

Thirdly, the public service provided must be rendered on the basis of social accountability. Because the municipality's operation is characterized by its operation in the form of public service or public service to improve the quality of life of the people for a better life. Therefore, public policy must provide opportunities for local people to participate, including co-thinking, co-operation, and partnership.

Fourth, the municipality must be competitiveness. Increasing the competitiveness of government agencies is important because it affects the form of service and affects the public service delivery system. By providing public services, it must be useful, appropriate, cost-effective and adequate to improve the quality of life of the population in the area


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