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พระมหาจินตวัฒน์ จารุวฑฺฒโน (วิจารณ์ปรี


This research aims to analyze the expectations of religious tourism of Community Development  for Tourist : The Grand Phra Utaysiga-jaydee from traveler villagers and monks at Wat Moumg chum  Singburi province. A study conducted by documentary research and in-depth interviews. By issuing an interview Visitors of the 12 people interviewed 4 monks in the temple and 4 people in a community.  And The Ethnographic research The findings showed that

View of the monks on a tour inside the temple monks want to enter mainstream practice and recreation is secondary.

Expectations of the monks on tourists  eagertourists to practice Dharma. To comply with the Philistines.

The expectation of the monks want the community to contribute measure. Follow the observances .Want to traditional philanthropy Support the measure. View of tourists on a tour Inside   the temple are two concepts is agree and disagree because Measurements should   be of worship, and ordinances. The expectations of visitors  to the temple. Measurements should be learning the teachings of the religion. Announcements Particularly the practice  of meditation and prayer. The expectations of visitors to the community.

    The community should cooperate on tourist information and views of community residents to tour the temple. Buddhist communities with tourism and recreational tourism. The expectation of the community on the measure. Measurements should be a center of religious learning. history And local culture Of both adults and youth. The expectation of the community to the area. Visitors wishing to cooperate in complying with the rules of the temple and help preserve the environment. Suggestions for research is should provide the leadership and people of the community have been involved in the deal. Should any provision contained in the local community to exhibit museum culture and religion. Should the zoning area and shop tidy. Media should be in the range of public relations. Example The preparation of video data history, attractions. About Travel Guide Should a guided tour place. And explain the history of the importance of place. The monks should be a discussion To the Dharma talk in simple language. It is not hard to understand.


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