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       This dissertation purposed to study the background and operation, obstacle, problem solving and desirable way to supervise quality standards of higher education institutions by Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC). Qualitative research was used to describe the process, learn from the phenomenon, data collected from in-depth interviews from key informants were edited according to the research methodology in the public administration.

The results of the study had important findings in line with the objectives. The history and operation of OHEC in supervising the quality standards of higher education institutions. Instability in organization the political environment in the past had always changed. And the practice was not entirely recognized by the institution of higher education in the exercise of authority. Therefore, the relationship of Higher Education Institutions was characterized by roles rather than reconciliation and reconciliation. The next objective was to study the problem, obstacles and solutions. The key findings were the problem of quality standards in Thai higher education institutions was currently in recession. Lower quality, one of the reasons for the lack of good cooperation between Higher Education Institutions. This may be resolved by reducing the role to be a facilitator, not a superintendent and dominate over all higher education institutions and objectives. To study the desirable way of supervising quality standards of higher education institutions, the desirable dimension in the dimension of the OHEC was the recognition of the role of central government agencies in the management of higher education. and the desirable approach in the dimension of higher education institutions. Demand for as a result, it had become the center of the nation and its advisor. And in the mutual desire of the two organizations, equal cooperation and honor each other as the institution of the highest level of education in the country.

The researcher had suggested that the policy of supervising quality standards of higher education institutions was recognized and accepted the differences of each organization and institution, to honor and trust each other as a mechanism of the higher education system as well, and practical suggestions were establishment of links between higher education institutions and institutions to drive higher education systems and mechanisms as productivity.


Keywords: (1) Supervision (2) Quality Standard (3) Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC)


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