A learning management model of bachelor of education in five year program in the 21st century

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Praphan Kaitpao


This study aimed to develop learning management model of bachelor of education five year program. The model developed by
researcher was intermixture, quantitative and qualitative research. The collaboration system analysis was applied for analysis
of system data. The research instrument was a questionnaire consisted of:(1) expected learning outcome and authentic learning
outcome (2) the characteristics of undergraduate students (3) learning management model. Research on 3 significant factor
and the last stage was establishment of the learning management model checked by experts and professionals using the Delphi
Technique. A learning management for the bachelor of education in five year program, research on 3 significant factors (i.e.
Input factors, Process factors and Outcome factors) revealed that:1) For the Input factors, the contents of the curriculum should
be diversified in an appropriate manner and it should answer all the needs of students and employers. Also, the instructors
should preserve their quality as a role model, by continuing to develop themselves. Lastly, the supporting technologies should be
modernized and adequate. 2) For the Process factors, the learning process should focus on the self-learning skills, developing an
ability to use information technology media as a learning basis, and on promoting good ethics and professionalism in teaching.
3) For the Outcome factors, graduate students should improve their knowledge as a result of achieving the curriculum’s goals.
Their employers should be highly satisfied with these graduate students


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