Eect of alkali metal on properties of aluminium barium phosphate glasses system

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Natthakridta Chanthima Nuchjaree Kiwsakunkarn Jakrapong Kaewkhao


The physical and optical properties of aluminum barium phosphate glass were investigated. The glass was prepared using the
melt-quenching technique at 1200 C. Alkali oxide (R2O-Al2O3-BaO-P2O5, where R = Li, N, K) content was varied and it’s
aect on the properties of the glass were analyzed. The results show that the experiment created glass samples that were clear
and transparent. It was observed that the KABP, Potassium Aluminum Barium Phosphate, glass had a higher density and molar
volume than the NABP, Sodium Aluminum Barium Phosphate, glass and the LABP, Lithium Aluminum Barium Phosphate,
glass. Direct and indirect energy band gaps (Eopt) were determined to be in the range of 3.760 - 3.817 eV and 3.130 - 3.292 eV
for the NABP and LABP samples respectively.


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