Physical, optical and luminescence properties of sodium barium bismuth borate glasses doped with dysprosium ions

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Nattapon Srisittipokakun Pornnapha Mangthong Jakrapong Kaewkhao


Sodium barium bismuth borate glass samples (NaBaBiB) doped with various concentrations of Dy3+ ions were produced using
the conventional melt quenching technique at 1,100 C for 3 hours. The physical, optical and luminescence properties of the
NaBaBiB glasses that were produced investigated. The results showed that the density and refractive index of the glass samples
increased with increasing Dy2O3 concentration. The optical absorption spectra of glasses were measured in the wavelength of
200 – 1,800 nm. The intensity of all of the absorption bands increased with increasing concentrations of Dy2O3 in the sample.
The luminescence properties of Dy3+ doped NaBaBiB glasses were investigated. The emission spectra for glasses showed peaks
at 483, 576 nm and 665 nm. These corresponds to the 4F9=2 ! 6H15=2, 6H13=2 and 6H11=2 transitions under 453 nm excitation.
The optimal concentration of Dy2O3 in NaBaBiB glasses was found to be 1.5 mol%.


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