The Interdisciplinary Research Review (IRR) was established with academic cooperation by the Nakhon
Pathom Rajabhat University, The Royal Society of Thailand Committee of Interdisciplinary Research and De-
velopment, and Rajabhat University (Western Group). This Issue, Volume 14 Number 5 (September { October
2019). This issue contains of ten research articles in diverse elds: (1) A conceptual framework of project-based
learning by analyzing of VARK (2) A conceptual framework of a ipped classroom by project-based learning
by analyzing of students on David Kolbs learning styles (3) Detection of shrimp feed with computer vision (4)
Determinants of cognitive impairment among adults 50 years and older in Thailand (5) Eects of basic life
support training program on knowledge, perceived self-ecacy, and basic life support performance of village
health volunteers (6) Green oce, its features and importance for sustainable environmental management: A
comparative review in search for similarities and dierences (7) Indicators of active ageing for sustainable devel-
opment: A comparative insights of ageing elderlies from Chiang Mai (highland) and Nakhon Pathom (lowland)
Provinces, Thailand (8) No-fault patient compensation for medical malpractice in Thailand: option or not? (9)
Sensitivity analysis and validation of socio-eco-eciency score (SEES) on companies doing business in Thailand
and (10) Enhancing intercultural communication for Muslim tourists in South Korea.
The Editorial Board of the IRR encourages anyone to submit articles for evaluation and review. The pro-
cesses of submission, review and publication of articles are described on the journal's website, The Editorial Board and Committees of the IRR sincerely thank all peer reviewers
who have sacriced their time to help us produce a better journal, and also wish to thank all teachers, re-
searchers and other academicians for submitting their valuable research to this journal. Finally, we thank
readers of our journal who help to spread the knowledge and benets gained to others. With your feedback
and suggestions, we will strive to improve the quality and relevance of the IRR.

Published: 2019-11-12