Disaster Nursing Competencies of Nurses Working, in A Hospital of Bangkok

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เสาวลักษณ์ ทำมาก ยุพา วงศ์รสไตร บุญทิวา สู่วิทย์ ขจี พงศธรวิบูลย์


     Disaster nursing is a practical care of all disaster victims in the same time Nurses must have competency of knowledge, critical nursing care skills, and
appropriate management of the patients. A descriptive study was aimed to determine the disaster nursing competencies among 293 nurses who were working at three departments in hospital of Bangkok: an emergency department, Inpatient department, and Outpatient department. The data collection instrument was the Disaster Nursing Competence Perception Questionnaire. The content validity index was 1, and reliability using Cronbach’s Alpha was .90. The data were collected by a questionnaire from three departments. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and two-way ANOVA.The study found that the overall of disaster nursing competency of nurses was moderately ( = 3.12, S.D = .51). In addition, the high level of competency was cooperation dimension ( = 3.47, S.D =.67), culture dimension ( = 3.40, S.D =.67), and problem analysis and problem solving dimension ( =2.84,
S.D =.72) respectively. In addition, the study found significant differences between nurses who had different experience and training program have significant
differences perspective of overall of disaster competencies 0.05. In addition, nurses who work on different hospital departments have no different perspective
in overall of disaster competencies. Thus, training program in disaster nursing is important for potential development of disaster nursing competencies such as disaster nursing in context of hospital, disaster plan, and disaster training of frequently occurs disaster in Bangkok.


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