Water Resources Planning and Management in the Lam-pachi River Basin

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Amorntape Jaroensook Pongsatorn Sopaphun Chaiyapong Thepprasit


The study of water resource planning and management in the Lam-pachi River Basin aims to investigate the water shortage and the potential of future water resource development projects in Lam-pachi River Basin. The study consists of the analysis of runoff and water consumption from the past up to now Including the possibility of runoff in the future by using Non-parametric Seasonal Forecast Model, and water resource system in the Lam-pachi River Basin by implementing MIKE HYDRO in 3 cases: 1) the analysis of current water management, 2) the analysis of water diversions between present reservoirs in the basin and 3) the analysis of establishing potential water resource development project in the future Based on the 30-year consumption system, it is found that there is over 20% of water shortage in Lam-pachi River Basin and 23-year water shortage in Pong–kating Area and of 10 years in Chat-pawai Area respectively. On the agricultural consumption, there is a water shortage for 17 years in Chat-pawai Area starting from February. In case of the current internal water diversion between reservoirs within the basin, this can reduce the years of shortage of water for consuming and agricultural water in Chatpawai reservoir to 4 and 8 years respectively. In case of future scenarios, it Is expected that potential water resource development projects can increase 32,000 Rai of irrigation area. In addition, the case of the analysis of water resource system by analyzing on the 20-to-100% possibility of runoff shows that water shortage varies in the range of 1.32–27.68 million m3/year.


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