Development of automatic subjective score test with word matching.

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เศรษฐชัย ใจฮึก สรุศักดิ์ มังสิงห์


A subjective test is a powerful tool for measuring educational performance. Students need skills in knowledge, memory and analysis. At present, the facilities are limited. And do not meet the needs of users. The researcher developed the concept of automatic assessment of subjective test items by using vocabulary matching method for develop the potential of teaching. The original system was developed by E-rater. It is used in English only, to be compatible with Thai language. The researcher has developed a system to predict the accuracy of vocabulary and Limit search queries to just questions / answers. Solution to reduce search time. In addition, in scoring rubric assessments technical were used to reduce errors in scoring. The results showed that average precision = 74.40%, average recall=37.90 and average F-Measure = 54.50%. In terms of professional satisfaction, the level of satisfaction was very high. ( x̄ = 4.11, S.D.= 0.48)


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ใจฮึกเ., & มังสิงห์ส. (2018). Development of automatic subjective score test with word matching. KASALONGKHAM RESEARCH JOURNAL, 12(2), 81-93. Retrieved from


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