The Study of “Rueankwang” Skin Disease by Thai Traditional Medicine Treatment Process

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สายฝน สมภูสาร กันยานุช เทาประเสริฐ ยิ่งยง เทาประเสริฐ ศิวพงษ์ ตันสุวรรณวงค์



The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Thai traditional medicine treatment process of Rueankwang skin disease. The subjects were 32 voluntary patients in Chiang Rai provincial prison. by using “Chamra-nam-lueang” recipe for  detoxification  treatment and  Chaulmoogra oil formula for skin care. Each case was evaluated once a week for 1 year.The results revealed that 32 patients under stricted  treatment  process were completely recovered. Moreover, patients with one area of wound will recover within 12 weeks while patients with several areas of wound will recover within 24 weeks. In conclusion, this result was studied from patient in prison which can control and strictly practices under Thai traditional doctors advice such as avoid fermented food.  



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สมภูสารส., เทาประเสริฐก., เทาประเสริฐย., & ตันสุวรรณวงค์ศ. (2019). The Study of “Rueankwang” Skin Disease by Thai Traditional Medicine Treatment Process. KASALONGKHAM RESEARCH JOURNAL, 13(1), 97-101. Retrieved from
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