Journal of Mekong Societies (วารสารสังคมลุ่มน้ำโขง)

The Journal of Mekong Societies has been published by Center for Research on Plurality in the Mekong Region (CERP), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University, Thailand, since 2004. The Journal is indexed by the Thai Journal Citation Index Center (TCI), ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and Google Scholar. It has been ranked among Thailand's top five journals in the humanities and social sciences by the Thailand's Research Fund since 2011, and among the first tier of journals in the humanties and social sciences by TCI since 2012 until 2019.

JMS Vol 12 No 3  September-December 2016

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Vol 13, No 1: January - April, 2017

Table of Contents

สารบัญ pdf


บทบรรณาธิการ pdf
Maniemai Thongyou


Activities of La Compagnie FranÇaise des Indes Orientales in Siam in the Second Half of the 17th Century Revisited pdf
Nguyen Manh Dung 1-18
Exploring Naga Images: Textual Analysis of Thailand’s Narratives pdf
Ya-Liang Chang 19-35
From Praying for Rain to Rocket Festival: Reconstructing Social Memory among Villagers in Northeast Thailand pdf
Wang Huiying 37-54
The Truck Terminal Project in Sa Kaeo Province: Implications of Border Trade between Thailand and Cambodia pdf
Jirawat Jaroensathapornkul 55-80
Rural-to-Urban Migrations and the Return of Migrants Back Home: A Case Study of Return Migrants from Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand pdf
Natedao Taotawin 81-98
The Wars between Ayothaya and Angkor Thom (19th-20th centuries B.E.): Studies from Thai, Cambodia and Western Historical Documents pdf
Kampol Champapan 99-123
Dimensions of Chinese Literature in ASEAN Countries: From Homeland Nostalgia to Remarkable Ideology and the Creation of New Identity pdf
Pairin Srisinthon 125-148
Transnational Relations of Lao Migrant Workers in Khon Kaen pdf
Patra Woralak, Maniemai Thongyou 149-170
A Comparison of Symbolic Textile Patterns among the Lao Phuan in Chieng Kwang, Lao People’s Democratic Republic; the Thai Phuan in Ban Mi, Lopburi Province; and the Thai Phuan in Hat Siao, Sukhothai Province, Thailand pdf
Wasana Boonsom 171-187
An Analysis of the Impact on International Trade of the Sugar Cane Industry in ASEAN pdf
Vilaiwan Thiangtong, Nampha Tipnet, Surachai Chancharat 189-203

Book Review

Refugee and Return: Displacement Along the Thai-Myanmar Border pdf
Jerrold W. Huguet 205-208

Guidelines for Sending Articles

เกณฑ์การเสนอบทความและการเขียนระบบอ้างอิงสำหรับผู้เขียน pdf
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