Management Processes Affecting Surrathani Community Enterprises, Manufacturing Groups and Food Production Effectiveness

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Potential of community enterprises in Suratthani were assessed at the a level of 33.93 percent (Community Enterprise Promotion Division, 2016). This indicates that the management processes of the community enterprise have not been well developed. This may be due to several factors including the group management processes. Therefore, if the person involved Knowledge of relevant management problems and factor clearly increased effectiveness.This research aims to study relevant management processes including the problems,obstacles, and solutions in the management of community enterprises, and food processing groups in Surat Thani. Sample size of 86 groups was calculated using the Krejcie and Morgan tables (Krejcie and Morgan, 1970: 608-610). Data was collected from 172 quantitative research samples by selecting the board of directors and two members from each organization to complete the questionnaire. Analysis of data was by multiple regression. Qualitative data collection was from 10 chairmen of community enterprise groups by specific sampling using structured interviews and analyzing data by content analysis.A positive relationship was found between the management process and effectiveness at moderate levels which when sorted from high to low were: planning, coordinating, personnel management organization, organization and budgeting, respectively.
An analysis of administrative processes affecting effectiveness of community enterprises resulted in planning and reporting affecting the effectiveness of community enterprises in food processing in Surat Thani at a significance level of 0.01. Problems and obstacles in the management of community enterprises were that the Community Enterprise Committee included lacked the knowledge regarding action plan implementation. Unclear management structure and insufficient capital impeded expand the business for group products. A guideline to solve the Problem solutions involve government agencies responsible for community enterprises should strengthening the knowledge about group management knowledge, low interest financing, and marketing systems to support group products.


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