Guidelines for Internalizing the 12 Core Values to Primary School Students under Nakorn Si Thammarat Provincial Administration Organization

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Krittakorn Thongnok Supakarn Chairerg Sompong Raksatham


              This research aimed to construct an assessment scales of the 12 core values for the Primary School Student to study the way to construct Twelve Core Values Polishing for The Primary School Student of School in affiliation Provincial Administration Organiszation and Suggestion the way to strengthen of the 12 core values for them by Mixed methods’  it uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches in the process that announced by the Head of the National Council For Peace and Order (NCPO): 1) Adore the nation, religion, and HM the King, 2) Be honest, dedicated, patient, and have a fine ideology for public, 3) Be grateful to parents, guardians, and teachers, 4) Study hard, always, 5) Maintain good Thai customs and traditions, 6) Be ethical, honest, well-intentioned, and generous, 7) Learn and understand the democracy headed under HM the King properly, 8) Be disciplined, obey the laws, and pay respect to elderly people, 9) Be conscious, thoughtful, and make good things by following HM the King’s statement, 10) Live philosophically with the self-sufficiency economy, 11) Set the mind and the body strong, overcome desires, and be afraid of sins as stated in religion, and 12) Be dedicated to the public’s and the nation’s benefits rather than one’s own benefits

          The results of the study showed that: the discriminative power of scale with t-test ,Content Validity , Item Objective Congruence Index : IOC with Mean,Percentage and Content Analysis The scale reliability was 0.964. The evidence for the validity showed that 12 core values of the structure accorded with F – test and the empirical data in Scheffe’s Method. The local norm in T score was showed the results of research.

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