The Study and Extensive Review of Cultural Identity of the ASEAN Countries leading to Development Guidelines and Enhancing the Awareness in ASEAN Identity

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Supakarn Chairerg Krittakorn Thongnok Sompong Raksatham


            The objectives of the research on the study and extensive review of cultural identity of the ASEAN countries leading to development guidelines and enhancing the awareness in ASEAN identity were to study and extensive review of cultural identity of the ASEAN countries, and develop guidelines for enhancing the awareness in the ASEAN identity.  This research is the qualitative research methodology which is comprised of the process of studying, analyzing data from documents, documentary research, in-depth interview and expert group discussions to develop guidelines for enhancing awareness in ASEAN identity.

            The results showed that the cultural identity of ASEAN countries consists of; 1) Peace, freedom and harmony; 2) Stability and steadiness; 3) Unity; 4) Mutual benefit cooperation; 5) Reliance; 6) Giving people as a center of development; 7) Mutual respect; 8) ASEAN organizational structure; 9) Flexibility; 10) Consciousness of love in art and culture; 11) Participation; 12) Southeast Asia territory; 13) ASEAN flag; 14) ASEAN music; 15) Rice symbol; and 16) Mutual understanding. With all identities would also reflect the culture, tradition, rules and social systems of various countries in the ASEAN community.

          Therefore, in order to create a total consciousness of ASEAN, it is necessary to build guidelines to enhance awareness and recognition in the ASEAN identity as follows; 1) Using English in daily life; 2) Learning different cultures 3; Learning in real situations and practice; 4) Cultivating consciousness and attitude; 5) Working as a team, by combining many nationalities; 6) Excursions in neighboring countries, etc.

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