Application of Porous Zeolite Y and Hydrotalcite - Like Compound Ceramic for Pollutants Treatment in Municipal Wastewater

Chanon Dangsepon


This research, utilization of the rice husk ash which is agricultural waste as raw material for zeolite Y synthesis  and sintering as porous ceramic with hydrotalcite-like compound, for pollutants treatment in municipal wastewater.  It showed that the optimum ingredients of porous ceramic were zeolite Y 48%v/v, hydrotalcite-like compound 12%v/v, carboxymethyl cellulose 24 %v/v, charcoal 16 %v/v, and water 200%v/v of green body and sintering with temperature 750 °C for 3 hours.  The physical properties of this porous ceramic were apparent porosity 67.73%, open pore volume 0.68 cm3/g, water absorption 67.73 %  and bulk density 0.93 g/cm3.  The highest removal efficiency of PO43--P, NO3--N, NH3-N, COD, Mn and Fe with the packed column method were 91.12%, 100.00%, 38.94%, 70.00%, 100.00%, and 100.00% respectively.  In addition, during the day the efficiency of pollutants treatment was decrease from the 1st to the 5th time of treatment.  However, the advantage of this material, they could be bio-regenerated when stop operating during the night and could be used for the next day.

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