The Development of the Competencies of Sales Representatives of the Pasteurized Milk Industry through an Electronic Media Training Program

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ปรียาภัทร์ สมใจ วันชัย ปานจันทร์ บุญมี พันธุ์ไทย วุฒิพล สกลเกียรติ


This research has the following objectives: (1) To study necessary competencies of sales personnel in pasteurized milk industrial group of companies; (2) To develop training programs through electronic media to develop sales personnel’s competencies in pasteurized milk industrial group of companies; (3) To evaluate the training programs through electronic media to develop sales personnel’s competencies in pasteurized milk industrial group of companies.

The research results were as follows: Necessary competencies for sales personnel in pasteurized milk industrial group of companies were divided into 2 groups i.e. Core competency. and Technical competency. Development of training programs to develop necessary competencies for sales personnel in pasteurized milk industrial companies resulted in 7 units. In evaluation, experts found that the result of evaluation on appropriateness of the training programs was at an average level of 4.2-4.8 and Standard Deviation value at a level of 0.45-0.89, meaning that every element of the program was appropriate at a level of high to highest, and on the result of evaluation on consistency of the program showed the consistency index at a level of 0.80-1.00 which meant that the training program were lenient with each other. In addition, the competency evaluation of the personnel in pasteurized milk industrial group of companies guided that, after the trainings using the researcher’s developed programs, the competency of personnel in pasteurized milk industrial group of companies were higher than those before trainings at a statistically significant level at .05, and evaluation on the trainees’ satisfaction showed that the trainees’ satisfaction to the trainings at a higher level than verified criteria in all topics of the trainings.


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