Thailand’s Potentials as World’s Gems and Jewelry Manufacturing Center and Trading Hub

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บุญกิต จิตรงามปลั่ง สุปราณี ธรรมพิทักษ์


The research objective was to evaluate Thailand’s potential as the World’s gems and jewelry manufacturing and trading hub. The findings result from analysis of both primary and secondary data. The primary research was conducted through in-depth interviews and comprehensive focus group of specific 60 stakeholders comprising policy makers, policy implementers, beneficiaries and other stakeholders. The secondary research was conducted on the examination of the relevant manifesto in published papers, mainly focusing on the context of prevailing milieu based on SWOT theory. In additions, the research also includes the inspection of the ability in competitiveness of Thai’s gems and jewelry industry based on the Diamond Model theory.

The research leads to the summary that Thailand is proficient in the world’s gems and jewelry manufacturing and trading hub because of various supportive important factors. (1) direction of In the government’s policy in approval and the progressive support to set Thailand as the world’s gems and jewelry manufacturing and trading hub. (2) In the manufacturing capabilities, the gems and jewelry industry has great potentials as it encompassed the world’s renowned production facilities and trading. The industry is able to earn the third largest export income of the country. (3) In the marketing, the industry has supportive market base both in domestic and overseas and continues to grow. (4) In the legal requirements, the government needs to improve laws and regulations in order to make them in line with the current situation and to prepare for the prevailing digitalized and online business and industry.


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