Developing the Roles of Local Thai Female Politicians in the Lower Northeastern Region for Millennium Development Goals

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กิติญา มุขสมบัติ อนงค์ทิพย์ เอกแสงศรี งามพิศ สัตย์สงวน ศิริรัตน์ สังข์สุวรรณ


In this dissertation, the researcher has three objectives. The first objective is to examine the roles of local Thai female politicians in the lower northeastern region. The second objective is to study problems and obstacles opposing the development of these politicians in meeting Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Lastly, the third objective is to propose guidelines for the development of the roles of these politicians such that MDGs are met.

In this qualitative research inquiry, the researcher conducted in-depth interviews and participatory observation involving three groups of key informants, i.e., female local politicians and male local politicians in the lower northeastern region and academics.

Findings are as follows: (1) The local Thai female politicians under the study well played their roles in all of the six aspects examined. These aspects were the roles played in politics, local government administration, society, family, economy and education, religion, and culture. (2) Problems and obstacles confronting the local female politicians in meeting MDGs in respect to the third goal of promoting gender equality vis-à-vis female roles were as follows: Problems and obstacles involved inequality and iniquitous conditions in male-female relations in Thai society as a consequence of primordial values and attitudes. (3) In the view of the researcher, guidelines for developing the roles of local Thai female politicians in the lower northeastern region in consonance with MDGs should commence with local Thai female politicians being determined to develop themselves as leaders in addition to acquiring knowledge and developing capabilities in all aspects. They should have a volunteer spirit and should have psychological traits enabling them to persuade citizens, and, most importantly, they need to be moral and ethical.


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