Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy for Building Loyalty of Supercenter Customer in Thailand

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สมพล ทุ่งหว้า วรพล วังฆนานนท์


The objective of this survey research were to: (1) survey the CRM strategy using of supercenter in Thailand according the perception of customer; (2) survey the satisfaction and the loyalty of supercenter customer in Thailand; (3) factor analysis of CRM Strategy, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty of supermarket in Thailand; and (4) analyze the influence of CRM Strategy and customer satisfaction on supercenter customer loyalty in Thailand. The population of this research were the customer who use the services from supermarket in Thailand. The sample size is 800 by multi-stage sampling. The instrument for data collection was a seven rating scale. Data were analyze by descriptive statistics, structural equation model (SEM) analysis that consisted of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and path analysis

The research as result showed that (1) The supercenter in Thailand used CRM strategy relative high. (2) The supercenter customer in Thailand are quite satisfied and they had the loyalty at a moderate level. (3) The observed variable of CRM strategy that had the highest value of standardized factor loading was the product leadership. The observed variable of supercenter customer satisfaction that had the highest value of standardized factor loading was the satisfaction about standard of goods and service. (4) In addition, it showed that CRM Strategy had influenced positive directly on customer satisfaction. It had influenced positive directly on customer loyalty and had influenced positive indirectly on customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction had influenced positive directly on customer loyalty. CRM Strategy could explain the variance of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty 74.9 percent and 75.6 percent, respectively.


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