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บุญยง ชื่นสุวิมล จิรโชค วีระสย สันทัด เสริมศรี จำเนียร ชุณหโสภาค


The article of religions in the society is written in order to make an understanding of the religion as a kind of beliefs in various societies of the world. It is based on scientific and societal debates in terms of the existence of religion in the society as well as its influences on the society and individuals alike. As far as religion is concerned, there are some major questions to be addressed, for example, “Why does the society need religion?” and “How does the religion affect the society?”. The article will trace back to background of religion since medieval age. Then comes the enlightenment period also known as the age of reason and scientific thinking. This led to the truth findings based on observational trial. However, on the emergence of new science particularly sociology of which generates a wide variety of puzzles. Still, there is an unclear definition on modern sociological thinking of the religion.

Structural functional theory that considers religion as an abstract functional element is challenged on the trueness of empirical findings. Moreover many sociological concepts defining religion are also parts of dispute. Tylor, Spencer held that the origin of religion derives from human ancestor spirit, Frazer held that homeopathic and contagious as magic elements have been embedded and impacted on human’ s belief. Marx held that religion was human creation in order to sustain one’s power, Robert Horton, Stewart Guthrie held that God looks line human characteristic or anthropomorphism, since human accustom to relevant stuffs around them even though human cannot see god. In all, the content is still not completed but could provide the basic thoughts of religion which has to be researched further.


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