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ภาสกร เรืองรอง รุจโรจน์ แก้วอุไร ศศิธร นาม่วงอ่อน อพัชชา ช้างขวัญยืน ุภสิทธิ์ เต็งคิว


          At present, education management should be relevant with Thailand 4.0, so it is important to focus on the skills of 21st century learners. Computational Thinking is a thinking process that requires skill and technique to solve problems. Computational Thinking is an important skill that everyone needs to develop, as it is a skill that is relevant to other 21st century skills. This process mainly promotes programming in order to help students understand how to solve problems by computer. Also, it is to develop the logic and skills to solve the problem of the students themselves. It is therefore necessary to encourage students to develop skills and thinking processes that can be used to solve everyday problems effectively.


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เรืองรองภ., แก้วอุไรร., นาม่วงอ่อนศ., ช้างขวัญยืนอ., & เต็งคิวุ. (2018). COMPUTATIONAL THINKING WITH THAI EDUCATION. Panyapiwat Journal, 10(3), 322-330. Retrieved from
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