Aims and Scope of the Journal

      Journal of Phrapokklao Nursing College aims to disseminate research and academic work in nursing (nursing practice, nursing education and nursing administration) and public health. The issues that are published include research reports and academic articles in nursing and public health, as well as special articles.


Types and Areas of Manuscript Subjects

      1. Research reports in nursing (nursing practice, nursing education and nursing administration) and public health.

      2. Academic articles in nursing (nursing practice, nursing education and nursing administration) and public health.

      3. Special articles which are developed from experience/opinion/suggestions that are useful, including interesting issues in nursing and public health.


Peer Review Process

      There is an examination of the original contents of research reports or academic articles before publication by two double-blind peer reviewers who are qualified and have no interest with the authors. The internal authors’ manuscripts will be reviewed by external peer reviewers, whereas the external authors’ manuscripts will be reviewed by internal or external peer reviewers.


Published Language

      All accepted manuscripts will be published in Thai.


Publication Frequency

      The journal is scheduled for two issues per year as follows:

            Issue 1:  January - June

            Issue 2:  July - December


Sources of Support

      Phrapokklao Nursing College, Chanthaburi


Journal History

      Journal of Phrapokklao Nursing College, JPNC, is an academic journal of health sciences. The first published issue (Vol. 1 No.1) was the July - December 1990 issue with ISSN 0858-110X (Print). Ms Woradawadee (Wandee) Taramas was the first editor. The original objective of JPNC was to distribute academic works, be a center of exchanging news and public relations of the nursing college. Since then, the journal objectives have been aimed to disseminate research and academic works in nursing practice, nursing education, nursing administration, and public health. JPNC is continuously published. Currently, the journal is published for two issues per year. The first issue is published between January and June, while the latter is published between July and December.  

      JPNC has been accepted to be a member of Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI) on October 19, 2010. After that, the journal had received the second round of quality certification by TCI Centre and was in the TCI database Group Two until December 31, 2014. Subsequently, JPNC has received the third round of quality certification by TCI Centre on May 31, 2015 and is in the TCI database Group One from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019.

      The format of the publication of JPNC from Volume 1 (No. 1) to Volume 23 (No. 1) was in a printing journal with subscriptions. After that, the journal was published by the journal management officers and was distributed by using electronic form and canceled the subscriptions of the journal. Since March 22, 2018, the journal has started to use the online journal management system by using Thai Journal Online 2 System (ThaiJO 2).

      Since September 17, 2018, JPNC has been receiving ISSN 2651-0944 (Online) from the National Library of Thailand.

      The editors of the journal from the first issue to present are as follows:

        1. Ms Woradawadee (Wandee) Taramas Vol. 1 No. 1 (Jul - Dec 1990) to Vol. 4 No. 2 (Jul - Dec 1993)

        2. Mrs Patchanee Emanavin Vol. 5 No. 1 (Jan - Jun 1994) to Vol. 6 No. 2 (Jul - Dec 1995)

        3. Ms Woradawadee (Wandee) Taramas Vol. 7 No. 1-2 (Jan - Dec 1996) to Vol. 8 No. 2 (Jul - Dec 1997)

        4. Ms Amporn Ketvaleevan Vol. 9 No. 1-2 (Jan - Dec 1998) to Vol. 10 No. 1 (Jan - Jun 1999)

        5. Ms Doungdeorn Puntuyotee Vol. 10 No. 2 (Jul - Dec 1999) to Vol. 15 No. 1 (Jan - Jun 2004)

        6. Dr. Monthana Hemchayat Vol. 15 No. 2 (Jul - Dec 2004) to Vol. 17 No. 1 (Sep 2005 - Feb 2006)

        7. Ms Kanisorn Keawdang Vol. 17 No. 2 (Mar - Aug 2006) to Vol. 22 No. 1 (Sep 2010 - Feb 2011)

        8. Dr. Pinnarate Gadudom Vol. 22 No. 2 (Mar - Aug 2011) to Vol. 24 No. 2 (Mar - Aug 2013)

        9. Mrs Kanisorn Charoenkit Vol. 25 No. 1 (Sep 2013 - Feb 2014) to present