Models for Calculation of Global Solar Radiation from Meteorological Data for Phetchabun Province

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Treenuch Ellis Artit Hutem Akgabutkhan Pathan


This study aimed to develop a model for computing monthly average for global solar radiation values (), from the monthly average of the difference between the daily maximum, and daily minimum ambient air temperature values and sunshine duration at Phetchabun meteorological station. Data from the 9-year period, from 2007 to 2015, was used. Analysis of the difference between the daily maximum, and daily minimum ambient air temperature values and sunshine duration was performed. The model results were compared to the measured data from the year 2016 at Phetchabun station. It was found that the values of calculated from two models, and those obtained from the measurements, were in good agreement and very close in value to each other. When looking at the RMSD and MBD values for the model based on the difference between daily maximum, and daily minimum ambient air temperature, the accuracy obtained was 5.58% and -1.44%, respectively. For the sunshine duration based model, the RMSD and MBD accuracy values were 5.31% and -1.99%, respectively.


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