The Development on Formulation of Fish Cracker Supplemented with Sacha Peanut Leaf

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โซเฟีย เมฆารัฐ รอมลี เจะดอเลาะ รักชนก ภูวพัฒน์ อาสลัน หิเล


Fish cracker which sold in the market nowadays was found the low level of nutritional value as antioxidant and low yield of fiber because of the major ingredients shown as powder and protein. The objective of this study was to develop the product supplemented with Sacha peanut leaf effected with chemical properties, sensory quality and nutritional analysis compared with original fish cracker. The result was found that the 6th formula shown the highest of scoreas 8.47 for . The moisture value was presented as 7.23% with dry weigh and aw was demonstrated as 0.60 followed by the standard value. Developed fish cracker was shown the higher yield of Calcium and antioxidant (EC50) as 912.35 mg/kg and 857.80 ug/mg respectively. This product was accepted to increase the quality of local product in nutritional value and response to the customer need who take care their health and strict in Halal.


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