Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Knee Formula 1 and Knee Formula 2 for Knee Pain And Range of Motion of Knee Joint in Patients with Osteoarthitis Bang Yai Hospital, Bang Yai, Nonthaburi

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เจษฎา อุดมพิทยาสรรพ์ วินัย สยอวรรณ วรายุส คตวงค์ ณัฐสุดา แก้ววิเศษ อิศรา ศิรมณีรัตน์


This study was a quasi-experimental study which aimed to compare knee pain level of patients with knee osteoarthritis between formula 1 and formula 2 after herb knee cover in order to relieve osteoarthritis. The sample was patients who received knee pain treatment at Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic, Bangyai Hospital, Bangyai District, Nonthaburi Province among of 40 patients. The sample was aged over 40 years old but not over 85 years with knee pain more than 6 months. The instruments were 1) Westerm Ontario MacMaster University (WOMAC) and 2) Knee Movement Measurement using Goniometers. The researchers collected data at Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic, Bang Yai Hospital. Statistics were used in including frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Independent t-test.

            The result of comparative study of the effectiveness of knee cover between formula 1 and formula 2 for knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis presented that The average of knee pain between formula 1 and formula 2 were not significantly different at the 0.05 level. Moreover, the average of knee mobility of formula 1 and formula 2 were not significantly different at statistically significant level of 0.05.

            In this study suggested that knee cover with Formula 1 and 2 can relieve osteoarthritis in patients. It can help reduce knee pain and increase knee mobility, but it must be maintained at least 4 times continuously.

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