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Vol 11 No 3 (2019): กันยายน-ธันวาคม 2562

Published: 2019-08-29

Effect of Self-Breast Massage Program on Milk Ejection of First-Time Mothers

Mareeya Masae, Sasikarn Kala, Warankana Chatchawet


Factors Influencing Eating and Taking Iron Supplement Behaviors for Anemia Prevention in Pregnant Women

Waenureeyah Waeberaheng, Warangkana Chatchawet, Sureeporn Kritcharoen


Self Protective Behaviorof Leprosy Family Members in Narathiwat Province

Patchinee Santhikarn, Isara Tongsamsi, Kanlaya Tansakun


Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Informal Sectors at a Port Harbor inPattani Province

Chompunuch Supapvanich, Aresow Musow, Anchalee Pongkasert


The Effect of Education Program on Knowledge and Role in the Caregiver for Children with Congenital Heart Disease Aged 0 - 3 Years

Tidarat Wangsawat, Anong Phiban, Prasert Piboonrungroj, Wanisa Hayeese, Sawinee Chansintop, Nurdeenee Dereh, Nirusnee A-Kaji


The Development of Potential in Problem Solving of Production Staff in Glass Industry

Songtham Deewanichsakul, Banleng Sramoon, Arran Wannaharnon


Use of Oil Palm Frond and Palm Oil Sludge in Total Mixed Ration on Productive Performance of Finishing Goat

Wuttichai Seephueak, Wanwisa Ngampongsai, Chaiyawan Wattanachant


Formability Evaluation of SUS304 Stainless Steel Tailor Weld Blank Sheets (TWB) with Anisotropic Material Behavior by Plasma Welding Process

Suhaidee Sani, Yongyuth Dunyakul, Dech Maunkhaw, Surasit Rawangwong, Julaluk Rojananukul, Chaiyoot Meengam, Muhamad Tehyo

Shoot Multiplication of Pure-line Hom-Kradang-Nga Rice through Callus Formation

Raheema Wamaedeesa, Supanath Kanjanawattanawong


Antibacterial Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Trisamo Against Diarrheal Pathogen

Asma Asae, Puwadon Meemak, Benjawan Poonthananiwatkul, Rosenanee Hemtrakoonwong, Suhaila Sama-ae


The factors affecting the employment of Halal industry with in Narathiwat Province

Benjaree Sakulrat, Weerasak Sojipan, Wasan Palasai


Factors affecting the employment of Industrial workers within Narathiwat province

Weerasak Sojipan, Wasan Palasai, Benjaree Sakulrat


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