Duties and Responsibilities of an Author

  1. The research paper submitted by an author must be original, has not been presented in any conferences and published in any journals.
  2. The paper of the author must be based on research which was conducted by the author.
  3. Other studies which are cited in the author’s paper must be cited and put in the references section as well.
  4. The article must conform to Princess of Naradhiwas University Journal format, otherwise the article may be rejected.
  5. Apart from the author’s name appeared in the paper, co-authors’ names which also appeared in the article must truly involve in the research process.


Duties and Responsibilities of Editors

  1. Once receiving a research paper, the editors will consider and look at its format, completeness, and quality of the paper prior to putting the article through assessment process by experts.
  2. The editors will not reveal any information regarding the author.
  3. The editors will first assess and decide whether a research paper can be suitable for publication.
  4. The editors will provide an author with clear peer review process.
  5. The editors should provide clear guidelines for an author regarding acceptable practices and should constantly make the guidelines up-to-date.
  6. The editors will not allow any research paper that has been published in other journals or research conferences to publish in Princess of Naradhiwas University Journal.
  7. The editors will reject the paper that does not follow the Princess of Naradhiwas University Journal format.
  8. The editors will inspect plagiarism by means of using a reliable computer program. In case any kind of plagiarism is found, the paper will be rejected.

Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

  1. Reviewers will not reveal any information regarding an author to any individuals who do not involve with the reviewing process.
  2. The reviewers must avoid conflict of interest, cannot be a co-author in a research paper.
  3. The reviewers will be assigned to review the paper based on their field.
  4. The reviewers can recommend any related studies to an author in case he or she fails to properly cite the related studies in the article.
  5. In case, the reviewers discover similarity or plagiarized information in an author’s article, the article will be rejected.