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Surumpha Rodmanee Yingluk Wutikul Kanjana Kongman


It’s very important for communication with each other in family. Speaking and understanding among children and their parents would be a great happiness. We need communication skill for this. Principles and techniques of effective communication are 1) Make communication a priority, 2) Establish and maintain eye contact, 3) Ask open-ended questions, 4) Use reflective listening, 5) Use “I” statements, 6) Touch, 7) Use “soft” emotion, 8) Avoid negative expressivity, 9) Say positive things about your partner, 10) Tell your partner what you want, 11) Stay focused on the issue, 12) Make specific resolution to disagreement, 13) Give congruent messages, 14) Share power, and 15) Keep the process of communication going. Principles and techniques of effective communication with children are 1) Helping children deal with their feeling, 2) Engaging a child’s cooperation, 3) Instead of punishment,  4) Encouraging autonomy,  5) Praise and self-esteem, and  6) Freeing children from playing roles. Reducing family conflict, de-triangulation, communication stances, avoid word “Why” are suggested and behavior would be blamed rather than the individual.


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