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Duangkamon Sukthongsa Gunyadar Prachusilpa


The purpose of this descriptive research was to identify the quality indicators of outcome for anesthesia nursing. Delphi Technique was used in this study. Twenty anesthesia experts agreed to participate in this research which was a patient caring with anesthesia nursing. The questionnaires were developed by researcher and used as the research instrument. They were developed in 3 stages. First, by using semi-open ended form of questionnaires, they were asked to identify the quality indicators of outcome for anesthesia nursing. Second, the data received from the first stage was analyzed to develop the rating scale questionnaires. Third, the median and interquartile range were used to analyze the data in order to re-design the rating scale questionnaires again and summarizing research. According to the research can be classified into 3 domains as follows: 1) There were 14 items for safety during anesthesia care such as cardiac arrest, and hypoxemia, etc., 2) There were 18 items for complications after anesthesia care such as death and reintubation, etc., and 3) There were 8 items for patient satisfactions such as safety and ambulation, etc. The result used to specify in quality indicators of outcome for anesthesia nursing and develop process of quality improvement.

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Research (บทความวิจัย)