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Phartana Seetisan Gunyadar Prachusilpa


This research aimed to study the core competency of diabetes nurse and to determine the element competencies of diabetes nursing. This paper provided the foundations of the Delphi technique based on the sampling group of 19 diabetes nursing experts. Research methodology was carried out on three rounds, namely, 1)analyzing the document and designing the interview framework and discussing with the selection group, 2) analyzing data from panel selection discussion so as to provide a structured communication process designed to produce a detailed examination of a topic and/or problem and discussion from the participating group to prior the element competencies, and  3) applying both median and inter-quartile range (IQR) to identify the distribution of expert’s views on each item. In this fashion, each expert was granted the chance to evaluate the other experts’ views. All feedback from respondents (the experts) of this would be analyzed to achieve consensus of them. The conclusion indicated that all experts on the panel achieved high consensus on every element competencies for diabetes nursing, covering three essential competencies consisted of  48 elements that established the professional competencies for the successful delivery of the diabetes care, namely, 1) 21 elements of specialist expertise competency in term of specific patient group, e.g. people with diabetes, 2) 21elements of facilitating the delivery of the knowledge, coaching and counseling competency, and 3) 6 elements of communication and team work competency.


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