The Effect of Herbal Poultice Combines with Educating Program to Relieve Knee Pain among Osteoarthritis in Diabetes Mellitus Patient at Kongnang District Health Promotion Hospital, Tha Bo District, Nong Khai Province

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Thawatchai Lekdee Chidchanok Phuetphol


Background: Osteoarthritis is a common symptom found in 40-year-old adults. Occupational physical activity involving excessive use of the knee joint promotes development of osteoarthritis. At Kongnang District Health Promotion Hospital, arthritic symptoms are commonly found in diabetes mellitus patients. Application of a herbal poultice is an alternative method which relieves pain, redness and swelling of the knee joint, and reduces severity of the disease.

Objective: The aims of this study were to compare pain scores before and after the application of a herbal poultice combined with an education program involving an intervention group and a control group.

Materials and methods: Participants in this quasi-experimental study who satisfied inclusion criteria and matched pair groups method were assigned into experimental and control groups, each containing 35 subjects. Data collected using a questionnaire included gender, age, occupation, cause of illness, behavior of knee pain, knee accident history, frequency of knee pain, duration of illness and current treatment method for knee pain. The intervention group used a herbal poultice combined with an education program covering food, exercise and emotional aspects. An education program analysis of knee pain scale was provided for both control and intervention groups. Descriptive data analyses included percentages, standard deviations and a t-test.

Results: Knee pain scores in osteoarthritis patients belonging to the intervention group significantly decreased after application of a herbal poultice combined with the education program (p<0.05). Knee pain scores between control and intervention groups after application of a herbal poultice combined with the education program also significantly decreased (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Results clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of a herbal poultice in relieving knee pain among patients suffering from osteoarthritis.


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