Factors Affecting Tourism Decisions in Northern Thailand

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Wongpanya Nuankaew


The purpose of this research is 1) to study the factors affecting sightseeing tourism in northern Thailand. 2) to study the attitude factors affecting sightseeing tourism. In the north of Thailand. And 3) to conclude the attitude factors affecting tourism is tourism. In the deep North of Thailand. The samples used in this research is the tourists were 354 who has traveled in the famous places. The 6 places in 2 provinces in the north. Consist of Wat Prathat Cho Hae, Phae Muang Phi Forest Park, Khum Chao Luang Muang Phrae, Phayao Lake, Wat Si Khom Kham and Phuklong Hill. Tools used in this research is the questionnaire (Questionnaires). Which approved by experts. To get accurate data accurate and reliable. Consists of 4 including parts

1 explanation to explain the purpose of the collection data. And the data would be used to benefit? Part 2 information private to gather basic information about respondents. Part 3 attitude factors affecting decision making tourism excursions. In the North of the country, Thailand and Part 4 suggestions which is a question open for the respondent to comment. Tools used in the data analysis. By using the statistical software for use in the analysis of data collected by the outcome of the analysis shows the frequency (Frequency) rate for the. Percent (Percentage) mean (Mean) and standard deviation of the data (Standard Deviation).

            The study found that Thai tourists to sightseeing tourism in northern Thailand, mostly female, with the average 20 - 29 years. Private business careers. The traveling mostly traveling with friends. The trip travel between 1-5 people. Travel costs (average / time / person), about 501-1 000 baht and Attitudes towards the factors affecting sightseeing tourism in northern Thailand. Comparisons of their attacks. What the factors affecting travel were agreed ( =4.1711). Tourist factors are beautiful. Followed by the famous sights. Tourist attractions are calm, pleasant, relax the mind, tourist safety. Travel costs, reasonable rewarding attractions have comfortable traveling Tourist attraction is clean. Tourist attractions have been advertising proper. Tourist information and services or advice, respectively.


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