Changes of Symptom Cluster Occurrence in Thai Woman With Cervical Cancer from Pre to Post Treatment

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Bualuang Sumdaengrit Somchit Hanucharurnkul Sarikapan Wilailak Marylin J Dodd Thavatchai Vorapongsathorn Kanaungnit Pongthavornkamol


This is an interesting study and is the first of its kind, to study symptom clusters in Thai women with cervical cancer. The authors studied patients' symptom clusters in 3 time periods which were pre, during and post treatment of cervical cancer. The common symptoms clusters that occurred in every time period was emotional while respinse and physical-related cancer occurred in pre treatment and side effects related treatment occurred in during and posy treatment, respectively.

In order to provide a holistic care to cervical cancer patients, we have to spot what symptoms occur and disturb patients. The present study provides informations regarding this issue. To assist patients to go through emotional symtom smoothly is important and helpful in all time periods from pre, during and post tretment. To give proper management to physical symtoms related to cancer and side effects related to the treatment is very helpful in alleviation of suffering symptoms for the patients.

Proper tracking symptoms occur in cervical cancer patients will improve their quality of life which is the ultimate goal of cancer treatment. And this study indicated target symptoms for care givers to tackle.


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Sumdaengrit, B., Hanucharurnkul, S., Wilailak, S., Dodd, M., Vorapongsathorn, T., & Pongthavornkamol, K. (2013). Changes of Symptom Cluster Occurrence in Thai Woman With Cervical Cancer from Pre to Post Treatment. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 36(3), 177. Retrieved from
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